Faouzi was born in Lebanon in 1933. He grew up as the oldest of 6 siblings in a well respected family of land owners going back several generations. In his early years he was surrounded by a simple farming community steeped in the traditional values of self reliance and hard work. This humbling upbringing left an impression on Faouzi that would influence his art and writings for years to come.

Driven by a strong love for literature, language and the intellectual curiosity and expression that can be derived from them, Faouzi pursued a career as a professor of Arabic language, literature and philosophy at the prestigious International Schools of Choueifat College Preparatory. This career of more than 3 decades was accompanied by a personal pursuit in the areas of art and literature.

Over the years, Faouzi produced a steady flow of art exhibitions and books. In his art whether in oil, water color or ink, he always maintained a strong connection to people and earth. Faouzi extended the impressionistic style into his own form of artistic expression by using a bold and daring approach to color and movement.

As a writer, Faouzi covered a wide spectrum of subjects, including poetry, art critique, political commentary and socio-economic analysis. In all areas, Faouzi dared to challenge conventional thought and pre-established opinion by re-examining all the underlying accepted premises. This is proving particularly useful in the new global environment we live in.

Chronology of Accomplishments

1968 - Published book "The Problems of Modern Art"
1968 - Recipient of Said Akl Prize for the book "The Problems of Modern Art"
1969 - Art exhibition at Carlton Hotel
1970 - Elected Vice President of the Lebanese Association of Artists
1971 - Wrote "Mice and Men of Society"
1971 - Art exhibition at Hotel Carlton "Paintings & Sketches"
1973 - Art exhibition in Zahle by civic sponsorship
1974 - Art exhibition "Men & Earth" at Goethe Institute
1974 - Subject of a the book "Men & Earth" by art critique Abi Saleh
1978 - Art exhibition at Gab Center "Equality and Inequality"
1979 - Wrote The Arabic Alphabet for Spelling the Thought
1980 - Art exhibition at Gab Center
1980 - Art exhibition at Zahle sponsored by The Youth Center
1982 - Art exhibition at Gab Center
1991 - Art exhibition in Bath England
1994 - Published "Spelling the Thought"
2001 - Published "Money & Inflation"
2006 - Published "Wealth of the People and Beyond"
2009 - Published "Economic Crisis Solution & Global Industrial Revolution"